Mudd Nick Foundation About Us

Mudd Nick Foundation About Us

Our History

Jim Mudd and Doug Nicholson, met on the Manzanita golf course in 1987, decided to start a coed golf tournament in 1988, which they christened the Mudd Nick Invitational. A Duck dressed as a Beaver became the logo because of the numerous University of Oregon and Oregon State University alumni participating in the event.

The tournament was popular from the start, and as the years passed, the event grew in size. Lynn Mudd, Jim’s wife, saw the needs in the community and viewed having a higher purpose as essential. She suggested that the event be transformed into something that contributed to the local community rather than simply the enjoyment of attendees. As a result of Lynn’s influence, the Mudd Nick Golf and Charity event was born in 1996. Invitees and participants began donating to support selected activities for children in the North Tillamook area. Initially, we sponsored a month-long summer art program and built a skate ramp adjacent to North County Recreation District in Nehalem, both of which are going strong today. Over the years, donations and momentum continued to build.


1996 was the first year the event started raising money for the community and in 2006, the Mudd Nick Foundation was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and a board of directors was selected to develop a vision, mission, guiding principles, and objectives. Our theme and goal became “Changing Children’s Lives Today and Tomorrow.” The Invitational Golf Tournament evolved and, in recent years, has drawn approximately 80 players.

During the last two decades plus, in excess of  $2,600,000 has been raised to support over 60 learning experiences annually for all students in Neah-Kah-Nie School District 56.


We have collaborative partnerships with the superintendent of Neah-Kah-Nie School District 56 and principals of the two grade schools, one middle school and one high school. Teachers apply for grants to support specific learning experience activities, and the Foundation’s Learning Experiences Committee selects those to fund with the board’s approval. Also supported are learning experiences that cover multiple schools, North County Recreation District, and children with special needs. The foundation does not support any tax-funded programs or programs or activities that the school district could fund.

The Mudd Nick Foundation is an all-volunteer organization with only two part-time staff members who liaise with school administrators and other youth leaders and coordinate the Learning Experiences process. Children participate in all learning experiences free of charge. See the Learning Experiences page to learn more about the activities the foundation funds.

The passion for positively impacting the lives of children in this region is burning brighter than ever in the hearts of the board members, staff, and volunteers associated with the foundation, and this fire will keep the foundation moving onwards and upwards.

We thank all of our donors and volunteers for their generous and ongoing support! When you donate, please remember that the Mudd Nick Foundation has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for your tax return purposes.

Please consider joining us at our annual event and golf tournament and also making a donation to the Mudd Nick Foundation on behalf of the wonderful and deserving children in our community. Your contribution will make tangible and meaningful differences in their lives.

The Learning Experiences

With approximately 3,000 opportunities for children to participate in life-expanding activities annually, the Mudd Nick Foundation focuses on developing programs and experiences for children that complement, enhance, and broaden what they learn in the classroom. We direct our efforts and energies on delivering impactful, stimulating, fun, and meaningful experiences. In close partnership with the North Tillamook County schools and other community organizations, we identify and fund opportunities to which local children would not otherwise have access.

These learning experiences focus on providing students:
• access to the arts and cultural activities both within their local area and beyond
• opportunities to participate in athletic programs
• ways to build self-esteem and self-reliance
• a chance to give back to their community

Board of Directors

• Monica Isbell – President / Board Member
• Bradley Mudd – Vice President / Board Member
• Abigail Mudd Rolandelli – Secretary / Board Member
• Lynn Mudd – Co-Founder / Board Member
• Doug Nicholson – Co-Founder, Interim Treasurer, and Board Member
• Tim McCarty – Board Member
• Renae Scalabrin – Board Member
• Wendy Bakker – Board Member
• Dick Brimmer – Board Member
• Kiley Konruff – Board Member

Advisory Council Members

• Paul Erlebach
• Steve Moody
• Richard Streedain

Board Emeritus Members

• Embry Savage
• Owen Nicholson
• John Isbell
• Amy VanDyke
• Joe Atteridge
•Sheri Atteridge


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