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A Nonprofit Foundation Dedicated to Making a Difference

A Nonprofit Foundation Dedicated to Making a Difference

Our Mission

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of all children in North Tillamook County through programs in collaboration with our community partners.

The purpose of the Mudd Nick Foundation is to provide learning experiences that stimulate children to aspire to their greatest potential and pursue their dreams.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the children in our community become life-long stellar citizens who expand their life experiences, minds, and curiosities; accept responsibility for their actions; treat themselves and others with respect; maintain high personal integrity; exhibit socially-accepted behavior; and have fun participating in the programs.


Our History

Jim Mudd and Doug Nicholson, met on the Manzanita golf course in 1987, decided to start a coed golf tournament in 1988, which they christened the Mudd Nick Invitational. 1996 was the first year the event started raising money for the community and in 2006, the Mudd Nick Foundation was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and a board of directors was selected to develop a vision, mission, guiding principles, and objectives.

During the last two decades plus, in excess of  $2,600,000 has been raised to support over 60 learning experiences annually for all students in Neah-Kah-Nie School District 56.

Our Programs

The Programs are designed to teach children the fundamentals of lifelong stellar citizenship by encouraging them to be responsible for their individual actions, respect themselves and others, maintain high integrity, exhibit socially accepted behaviors, and expand their life experiences, minds, and curiosities.

GBAM Program provides a week-long art experience for students with special needs and culminates with a community performance and dinner for youth participants, their families, and community members.

PX2 Program provides the youth of our community the tools to make the transition from adolescent to adult, which can be a confusing and frightening time, easier. Mudd Nick Foundation has sponsored middle school students to learn tools that help them with the transition.


Our Annual Event

Since 1988, people associated with the Mudd Nick Foundation have celebrated the third weekend in September with an 18-hole golf tournament on Saturday. In 1996, the foundation began raising money during a dinner and charity auction on that Saturday evening to fund life-enhancing learning experiences for all students in School District 56 in North Tillamook County. Our 2024 event will be hosted on Saturday, September 21, with an online auction and a Golfer's dinner happening on September 20th.

In Memory of Jim Mudd

February 28th, 1941–October 1st, 2018
Jim Mudd, a co-founder of the Mudd Nick Foundation, was instrumental in the foundation’s growth, evolution, and success for over two decades. As a role model, he ignited a passion in all those associated with the foundation for serving the children of North Tillamook County which continues to burn bright despite his death. His legacy lives on through the important work of the foundation. Jim was respected, admired, and loved. We miss him profoundly.