Jim and Kathy Hickey Recipients of the 2020 Jim and Lynn Mudd Service to Children Award

The Mudd Nick Foundation board of directors voted to award the Jim and Lynn Mudd Service to Children Award in 2020 to Jim and Kathy Hickey for their long-standing dedication to the Mudd Nick Foundation. Jim and Kathy have been major financial contributors to the Foundation for over 15 years and have been instrumental in funding several special programs.

Among the first friends Jim and Kathy made after moving to Manzanita were Jim and Lynn Mudd. The Mudds’ enthusiasm for the Foundation quickly inspired them. Over the years in Manzanita, the Hickeys have been active in several other charity and civic endeavors, but the Mudd Nick Foundation has always been their special passion.

Jim and Kathy worked hard to be successful in their careers and because they received helping hands to finish college and other assistance as they were venturing out into the world, they understand the importance and value of philanthropy. They live by the words of Maya Angelou – “like a pebble in a pond causing waves” – committed to making a difference in the lives of others, especially children. Jim and Kathy’s involvement in the Mudd Nick Foundation has tremendously impacted the students in District 56. The board of director members are grateful that the Mudd Nick Foundation’s mission has resonated with the Hickeys for so many years.

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