the Path to eXtreme Success

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On April 25, 2014, fifteen students from Neahkahnie Middle School and two from Neahkahnie High School arrived at the Twin Rocks Camp in Rockaway Beach to participate in a life changing weekend experience sponsored by the Mudd Nick Foundation. These young adults were about to embark on a two day, two night journey into PX2 – the Path to eXtreme Success, developed by the Pacific Institute.  They would participate in a simple, structured process designed to build their understanding of how the human mind works, how a person thinks and how those thoughts affect how the person acts.  The PX2 tools and techniques help students understand how habits, attitudes and beliefs may stand in the way of recognizing and releasing our inner potential. The PX2 process teaches goal setting, self-reflection and self-evaluation, leading participants to recognize that all individuals are responsible for their own actions. By accepting responsibility, participants are better equipped to make sound decisions and better choices in life. The goal is for each student to leave the PX2 training with knowledge and skills needed to take control over his or her own future by changing old habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations; the motto being – Let the “true you” shine!

The PX2 weekend experience was planned and facilitated by two North Tillamook County teachers, Joan Henderson and Donna Miller, who are trained in the PX2 curriculum.  They carefully developed activities and lessons that encouraged cooperative skills, social bonding and self-reflection that enhanced each of the twelve PX2 lesson sessions.  The students also had opportunities each day to have fun participating in Twin Rocks Camp activities such as canoeing, hiking, Frisbee golf, shuffleboard, basketball and just hanging out together.  Meal time with fabulous food was a definite favorite for all.

The Mudd Nick Foundation’s mission to broaden the horizons of children, teach them the fundamentals of lifelong stellar citizenship, and to provide life expanding experiences was certainly met for these young adults by giving them this opportunity to become a PX2 graduate.

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