Thank You from a Parent about Great Big Art Mash

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This past summer I was lucky enough to have four of my children attend a wonderful Art Camp that was sponsored and paid for by the Mudd Nick Foundation.  It was a five day camp, specifically designed for children with special needs.  My four children have Down syndrome, and living in such a small community, have never had this type of opportunity before.  My older two went to the camp held at the Bay City Arts Center, while my younger two attended the camp held in Rockaway Beach.

They had such a wonderful time.  Each morning a small school bus came to our home to pick up the children. They rode with other children to their camps, then spent the day working on various art projects, crafts, music, play time, and even had lunch prepared for them.  Typical children have these types of experiences every summer, whereas this was a first for my children.  They’ve never been able to attend camp before, as most camps aren’t set up for a child with a special need.  This was truly an experience none of them will ever forget.

On top of how much fun my children had, on top of all they learned and the friends they made, the unexpected bonus was that I got some alone time for the first time in fourteen years.  I had almost five hours a day for five days in a row, completely to myself.  My other children are older and don’t require (or want) Mom around, so I was able to catch up on chores, read a few books, and even go out to lunch with a friend.  This camp was a win-win for everyone.

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