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S.H.E. Warriors is an extra-curricular club organized and staffed by local volunteer coaches dedicated to transforming 4th and 5th grade girls into avid, successful runners. These female coaches serve as positive role models for these young girls. What follows is a letter from the coaches:

“March 31, 2014

Dear Mudd Nick Foundation:

As our third season comes to a close we want to say a giant thank you! We had 12 girls complete the season and just ended in July with our event, the Manzanita Beach Run & Walk.  For the first time ever we had girls train to do both the 5k and the 10k!  And they did it!

This season we taught the girls about running basics, nutrition, hydration and stretching; how to have healthy relationships with boys, other girls and themselves; not spreading rumors; self-respect; and other great topics.  Janice Gaines, a local athlete and spa owner, came and spoke with the girls about pushing themselves and pacing.  We also followed the formal Couch to 5k training program with great success.  Our runners were more in shape than ever before.  We especially appreciate the approval of the last minute field trip to Hillsboro that we did this summer.  The girls got to experience a track workout with a personal trainer, see and shower in a big city gym, eat lunch at Chang’s Mongolian restaurant, and get pre-race pedicures and manicures.  Those were new experiences for all of the girls.  We wish you could have seen the excitement in their faces that day.

Thanks again for the funds to support our club. We couldn’t have created this club or these experiences for our Warrior girls without you.  It has been a truly life changing experience for them, their families and for us as coaches.

With deep appreciation,

The S.H.E. Warrior Coaches – Erin Hanson, Kristi Woika, Jennifer Holm and Kris Troutman”

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