The Path to eXtreme Success “PX2″


In this video a PX2 student, Grace Miller speaks about this program and how it opened doors for her to become a singer. Watch this video to listen to her amazing story.


Growing up is full of challenges, contradictions and pressures. It has always been this way, but these days, everything seems to be on a much larger scale. For teenagers starting to make the transition from adolescent to adult, it can be a confusing and frightening time.  To give the youth of our community the tools to make this transition easier, Mudd Nick Foundation has sponsored middle school students to learn tools that help the with the transition:  PX2™ – the next generation in teen success. These tools help them create more positive self-talk which enables them to believe in themselves, set higher goals and utilize visualization skills to achieve the dreams, and use this new mental technology more effectively bring growth and happiness in all aspects for their lives.

This year, twenty-seven 7th grade students had the opportunity to be exposed to life changing information.  They were able to gain tools to help themselves build more positive self-esteem, learn to block out the negative feedback from others, and to set meaningful goals for their future.  The group, overall, was extremely focused on learning the curriculum and participating in the related activities.  Many of the students took positive risks throughout the weekend.  They made new friends and even shared that the experience had changed their lives forever.  One student expressed that she had developed a new, more positive personality over the weekend, a personality that was more freeing and one she liked much better than her old self.  Another male student shared that he wanted to help inspire all the 6th grade students to participate next year because of the life changing experience that he had been given through PX2.

It was another amazing opportunity given to our community’s students by the Mudd Nick Foundation.