Mudd Nick Foundation’s Learning Experiences

With approximately 3,000 opportunities annually for children to participate in life expanding activities, the Mudd Nick Foundation focuses on developing Learning Experiences for children that complement, enhance, and broaden what they learn in the classroom.  We direct our efforts and energies on delivering impactful, stimulating, fun and meaningful experiences.  In close partnership with the North Tillamook County schools, we identify and fund opportunities to which local children would not otherwise have access.

These Learning Experiences focus on providing children:

  • access to the arts and cultural activities both within their local area and beyond
  • opportunities to participate in athletic programs
  • ways to build self-esteem and self-reliance
  • a chance to give back to their community.

2021-2022 Learning Experiences

Garibaldi Grade School
  • K/5 ART Literacy
  • K/5 Science Magic Assembly Students will learn about numerous scientific principles through the magic of science experiments. This is an all school assembly which includes audience participation which includes air pressure and density. Students will be able to be introduced to concepts prior to the assembly and have additional experiments they can conduct in the classroom and/or at home.
  • 2/3 and 4/5 Team OMSI Funtastic Physics Provides science learning experiments at school, home and in the natural world. There will also be an OMSI speaker talking about Newton’s Laws of Motion and force work. There will be virtual online presentations students will be able to participate in. They will be able to journal their observations and what they learn about the presentations and learning experiments.
  • 4/5 Battle of the Books
Nehalem Elementary  School
  • K/1 Quintana’s Class- 3 local Field Trips Field trips to: #1 NBFD and Library, #2 Pioneer Museum and #3 NB State Park.
  • K/1 Thysell’s Class- 3 local Field Trips Field trips to: #1 NBFD and Library, #2 Pioneer Museum and #3 NB State Park.
  • K/1 Archer Class- 3 local Field Trips Field trips to: #1 NBFD and Library, #2 Pioneer Museum and #3 NB State Park.
  • 2/3 Duer’s Class to the Zoo Field Trip to the Zoo to explore conservation and animal life cycles
  • 2/3 Christensen’s Class to the Zoo Field Trip to the Zoo to explore conservation and animal life cycles.
  • Battle of the Books, grades 3-5 We would like to take the Battle of the Books online this year! We will meet with students via Zoom to come up with teams to “battle” GGS’s teams.
  • NES Art Literacy Program, K-5 – Woika We have not had an art program for kids since last school year in March. We would like to start one up again either in classrooms or by sending kits home for 4 months this school year. Art Moms has folded.
  • 4/5 Team- Class field trips to Fort Clatsop, read a novel, eat a meal (3 FTs) Class field trips to Fort Clatsop to coincide with the teaching of western expansion, novel study in class and a meal at Moe’s in Cannon Beach on their FT.
  • 2/3 Honts’ class to the Gilbert Children’s Museum Field trip to the Children’s Museum in Salem to study hands on STEM, arts, humanities exhibits.
Middle School
  • Pasta Making Students will understand the science behind cooking and be able to practice by making pasta. Students will be able to experience new and different foods and be able to compare and contrast between those new foods that they are used to.
  • Middle School Robotics Students love Robotics and 3D modeling! We will have students learning to 3D print and printing on our amazing new Ender 6 3D printers. Teams of students participating in a school wide LEGO Robotics Competition.
  • Creative Cooking & Culinary Experience Class is paired with highschool mentors to develop healthy relationships and SEL skills through hands-on experiences. New foods, cultures and cooking techniques.
  • Classroom Calming Kits Providing a calming kit in every classroom so students have the tools needed to stay in a regulated state for higher learning.
  • Exploring DaVinci’s inventions and art at OMSI Middle School TAG students will have an opportunity to broaden their minds and see a different perspective on art and early science.
High School
  • Attend performance of RENT- Jackson Our new Drama Club and other interested students will attend a performance of RENT.
  • Robotics Students will particiate in first tech challenge competition.
  • Fire School Career exploration activity covering Forestry and Natural Resouces careers, supports networking with other Future Natural Resources Leader programs.
  • Art Supplies for Art Club Students experience different mediums of art, learning block printing to create art mural for new student based health center.
  • Pirate Cruise Event- Troyer Mock Interview Experience to expose students to job search process from applications, resume, cover letters, interview, thank you notes.
  • Career Expo/ Work Place Tours- Troyer Students will visit colleges/ work places/ career expo
  • OMEA- Band Festival- Zaugg Band will perform in front of three directors who will give them pointers and feedback to improve.
  • Missoula Theatre – Paul Erlebach
  • Summer Art Camp – Charlene Gernert
  • Opera to Go – will be paid by the High School (will be added to HS fund tracking form) Portland Opera to Go would perform an opera for high school and middle school students on Friday, at NKN High School. Exposing students to an opera would definitely broaden their social and cultural understanding. An opera performance includes theatre, dance, and song in a manner in which the vast majority of students have never experienced.
North County Recreation District
  • Swim Program We are a student targeted program which is all inclusive, provided at no cost to all children of Nehalem elementary School and District #56 Adaptive Swim Students. The goals are to introduce swimming fundamentals as the foundation, focus on stroke technique, promote water safety awareness, inspire independence, and build endurance through drills, skills, games, relaxation techniques, and fun!
  • Forest to Sea Week long camp teaching childre the relationship betwen people and the natural world.
  • Summer Cooking Camp Inspire children of Tillamook county to find joy in learning the basics of food preparation, nutrition and safety. A hands on experience emphasizing health and nutrition while celebrating diverse multicultural culinary traditions.
Special Needs Learning Experiences
  • Unified Champion Schools Attend the movie, Encanto, at Tillamook Coliseum together in December 2021. Attend a musical in Portland in the spring of 2022. I am in communication with Broadway in Portland to obtain group tickets for Hamilton. Go bowling in Tillamook during the Winter Trimester. Go out to eat in conjunction with another event.