Mudd Dogs, Anyone?

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For 10 summers, Jim and Lynn Mudd have been serving up scrumptious Chicago-style hot dogs at the beachside Mudd Dog Stand in their driveway at the end of Laneda Avenue.

Hungry visitors have the opportunity to learn about the Mudd Nick Foundation’s mission and work while having their appetites satiated.  Jim and Lynn chat up a storm while assembling to-order hot dogs, mixing their passion for children with the relish, hot peppers, sauerkraut and onions.

This unabashed promotion results in lots of donations, and all tips, which totaled over $5,000 last year, go straight to the Foundation to fund its programs.

If you haven’t experienced a Mudd Dog, be sure to head down towards the beach and cozy up to the Mudd Dog cart.  You won’t be disappointed, and hopefully, the Foundation’s reason for existence will resonate with you.

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