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With approximately 3,000 opportunities annually for children to participate in life expanding activities, the Mudd Nick Foundation focuses on developing Learning Experiences for children that complement, enhance, and broaden what they learn in the classroom.  We direct our efforts and energies on delivering impactful, stimulating, fun and meaningful experiences.  In close partnership with the North Tillamook County schools, we identify and fund opportunities to which local children would not otherwise have access.

These Learning Experiences focus on providing children:

  • access to the arts and cultural activities both within their local area and beyond
  • opportunities to participate in athletic programs
  • ways to build self-esteem and self-reliance
  • a chance to give back to their community.
Mudd Nick Foundation 2017 – 2018 School Year and 2018 Summer Funded Learning Experiences Totaling $164,871
Learning Experiences No. of Amount
Garibaldi Grade School
Community Arts Project 185 $4,000
Summer Reading Program 75 $800
K/1 Team Animal Habitats, Adaption & Traits 52 $1,514
2/3 Team Gilbert House – Museum in Salem 64 $1,370
4/5 Team Tillamook 70 $846
4/5 Team Fort Clatsop 70 $505
4/5 Battle of the Books 35 $1,352
STEM & Science Fair School Wide 185 $1,223
OMSI Portable Planetarium Disc. Dome School Wide 185 $900
2/3 Team OCT Theater and Lunch in the Park 64 $2,060
Total  985 $14,570
Nehalem Elementary School 
Blazer Game 20 $819
K & K/1 Fire Dept, Tillamook Co. Library & NBSP 40 $100
1st/2nd Gilbert House 23 $550
Romanov 1/2 Oregon Coast Aqua./ OMSI Coastal Disc. 22 $1,273
Grade 3 team – OCT, book and lunch 32 $1,138
DeGandi 4th – Raise fish fry 22 $125
DeGandi 4th – Zoo trip – Learn about habitats/Lunch 22 $662
4/5 Team OCT, book and lunch (Cassius Clay) 45 $2,066
Art Moms – Monthly art instruction 184 $900
Summer Reading Program 75 $800
4/5 Battle of the books 30 $1,101
School Wide Assemblies – OMSI & Opera to Go 184 $1,000
OCCT Artist in Residence 184 $1,500
Total  883 $12,034
NKN Middle School
Washington DC Trip 15 $30,000
8th Grade OSU Trip 50 $1,550
6th Grade Newport Aquarium Trip 78 $1,680
7th Grade Ocean Spit 65 $2,900
Oregon Battle of the Books 5 $245
Tech Club – Lego League, Mini Maker Faire Field Trip 40 $2,000
Tag Camp 20 $1,250
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital 20 $400
Total 293 $40,025
NKN High School
Boeing Engineering Trip (5 workshops at Boeing) 28 $6,016
Boys and Girls State $300 per student (students must apply and be accepted by program) 10 $3,000
Grace Miller / Choir Nationals 1 $500
HS Tech Club (6 to 12 students) 8 $900
FBLA State 35 $5,500
Career Expo (up to 120 students) host at HS 40 $810
Financial Reality Fair (up to 215 students) 15 $350
HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership conference) 1 $225
TAG Weekend Experience 15 $1,250
ASPIRE 60 $240
Total 178 $18,791
Multi School 
PX2 Two Sessions 30 $24,000
NKN Youth Athletics 100 $5,000
4H Camp 30 $11,000
Missoula Theatre 55 $5,000
Youth Track and Field Meet 100+ $1,000
S.H.E Warriors 20 $725
Summer Art Camp 70 $5,000
Skateboard Exhibit & Workshop 15 $100
Partners of the Americas 2 $5,200
Oregon Writers Festival 30 $2,081
Swim Program 185 $1,000
Forest to Sea Day Camp 25 $1,925
Gardening and Cooking Day Camp 25 $2,800
Total 235 $64,831
Special Needs
GBAM & GBAM Jr. 18 $6,000
Gales Camp 1 $350
Mount Hood Kiwanis Family Camp 2 $1,800
Race of Champions – Special Olympics 27 $1,000
Camp Taloali 1 $400
IFLY (MS trampoline center) 10 $1,070
Sensory Regulation Experience for GGS sensory room 25 $1,250
Extra Special Sensory Equipment for NES sensory room 15 $1,250
Community Exploration (MS/HS) 6 $300
Cooking and Physical Movement (MS/HS) 6 $300
Think College Inclusion Oregon – trip to PSU 8 $900
Total  119 $14,620
Total All Learning Experiences  706 $164,871

On April 25, 2014, fifteen students from Neahkahnie Middle School and two from Neahkahnie High School arrived at the Twin Rocks Camp in Rockaway Beach to participate in a life changing weekend experience sponsored by the Mudd Nick Foundation.  These young adults were about to embark on a two day, two night journey into PX2 – the Path to eXtreme Success, developed by the Pacific Institute.  They would participate in a simple, structured process designed to build their understanding of how the human mind works, how a person thinks and how those thoughts affect how the person acts.  The PX2 tools and techniques help students understand how habits, attitudes and beliefs may stand in the way of recognizing and releasing our inner potential.  The PX2 process teaches goal setting, self-reflection and self-evaluation, leading participants to recognize that all individuals are responsible for their own actions.   By accepting responsibility, participants are better equipped to make sound decisions and better choices in life.  The goal is for each student to leave the PX2 training with knowledge and skills needed to take control over his or her own future by changing old habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations; the motto being – Let the “true you” shine!

The PX2 weekend experience was planned and facilitated by two North Tillamook County teachers, Joan Henderson and Donna Miller, who are trained in the PX2 curriculum.  They carefully developed activities and lessons that encouraged cooperative skills, social bonding and self-reflection that enhanced each of the twelve PX2 lesson sessions.

Treasurer’s Corner Archives

The week following our 2018 annual Event, Jim was overwhelmed to learn our Event revenues were $83,600.  A tremendous THANK YOU to those who attended and bid on the outstanding assortment of live and silent auction items including the numerous $250 Help a Child donations, bought Blinkies and 50/50 raffle tickets, and from our generous Event sponsors.  Jim wanted to know if I thought we would have a record revenue year.  I told him it was unlikely we would eclipse our 2016 record year of $203,000; but we could now expect a GREAT year, to which he said “WOW, isn’t that wonderful!”  Thanks to the $16,555 the Foundation has received to date in donations to Jim’s Remembrance, our revenues, with year-end In-Kind donations, reached a record 210,000!  Jim would be blown away by the amazing support given to provide live changing experiences to children in North Tillamook County.

Thanks to the numerous volunteer hours donated by our Board and other wonderful people, around 80% of our donations go directly to fund our Learning Experiences and provide a reserve to maintain the quality of life-changing experiences for our children.