2019 Jim and Lynn Mudd Service to Children Award

2019 Jim and Lynn Mudd Service to Children Award

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WinnerTroy Gleeson

2019 Jim and Lynn Mudd Service to Children Award

By Board Member Tim McCarty

Troy Gleeson is my right hand man at the annual event. Here is a brief snapshot of the behind the scenes contributions he has made for over ten years.

  1. Flies to Portland from his home in Phoenix on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and helps me load up items for the event and then drives the U-Haul truck down to the beach.
  2. Spends all day Thursday helping us transfer things from the Mudd Nick Foundation storage unit and the Mudd’s house to NCRD.
  3. Helps us set everything at NCRD from beginning to end.
  4. Helps break everything down Saturday night after the event.
  5. Helps load up everything Sunday and transport it back to the storage shed and even stops to pick up the dishes and glassware from the school after being washed by the student volunteers, making many trips from NCRD to the storage shed.
  6. Is one of the last to depart the venue mid-Sunday afternoon.
  7. Drives the U-Haul back to Portland on Sunday afternoon.

In addition to all this, the past several years Troy has volunteered to help cook salmon and work with the serving crew during the Saturday night dinner, which has been a huge help.  Typically, Troy flies back to Phoenix early Monday morning, so he dedicates five full days, every year, to our annual event. This support has been so appreciated by me and many others.  Troy has been the hidden go-to guy over the years and is so deserving of this award.  He has continually, year after year, been supportive of the Foundation and our event.  And as Jim Mudd used to say “Troy is the best looking guy on the golf course!”

Image: Troy Gleeson, Lynn Mudd, and Brad Mudd.